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Uphold is, without a doubt, the most popular multi-asset platform that let you trade more than 27 national currencies, 130+ cryptocurrencies and utility tokens, 50 U.S. stocks, and 4 precious metals with full security of the funds. Are you also looking to start your digital trading journey? If yes, you can go with Uphold exchange. This exchange is available in more than 36 countries with bank connectivity. Uphold not only let you use the debit cards but also helps you to earn cashback up to 1-2% for different orders each time when you pay using a debit card. Here on this page, we are going to talk about the procedure to set up and access a new Uphold login account.

The complete Uphold sign-up process is simple and it may take a few minutes to be set up. Before visiting the sign-up page, affirm that you have the name, email, password, referral code, country of residence, etc. Now, you need to keep reading this post till the end to set up your access to the Uphóld Lógin account.

How to set up a new Uphold account?

Crypto traders who are interested to set up a new account need to follow the path that is given below. In case you are looking to set up this exchange account using a mobile, you need to go to the App or Play Store to find and install the latest version of the Uphold mobile app.

  1. On your mobile or computer, open Uphold app or a browser
  2. Now, you need to go to the Uphold.com webpage
  3. From the homepage, click on the ‘Sign up’ button
  4. Now, choose whether you want to create an individual or business account
  5. After that, fill up the sign-up form to set up your Uphold profile
  6. Make sure to type the referral code and other required details
  7. When asked, you need to verify the email address and click the ‘Finish’ button

Way to log in to a new Uphold account

Once you have the Uphold login details, you are ready to log in to your Uphold account. Now, check that your mobile or computer is connected to the internet connection, and then follow these steps to set up your Uphold profile:

  1. Get to the App or Play Store to install the Uphold app
  2. Now, open the app or a browser
  3. Once you visit the Uphold login page, type the login details
  4. Now, you click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed
  5. If asked, verify the email or provide the required details
  6. Now, click the ‘Login’ button to access the Uphold account

How to add funds to Uphold account?

  1. Open the Uphold app or a browser and sign in to your account
  2. Now, get to the ‘Deposit’ button and click on it
  3. When asked, add a payment method such as a bank account or credit/debit card
  4. Once you complete the payment, the funds will be added to your Uphold account


In short, Uphold is a world-class and worldwide multi-asset trading platform. In case you are new to this platform, you are asked to provide some of your basic details to set up your profile. Users who have set their profile on Uphold can easily access the account using the email and password details. For now, we are confident that you have learned the way to set up a new Uphóld Lógin account by referring to this post.